Why Mobile for Shoppers?

Shoppers are doing so many things with their mobile devices:  researching products before buying (online, offline), sharing & recommending products, advertisements, email communications, bringing into stores, checking prices, looking at content….Smartphones are the 24/7 Personal Shopper Companion!

Mobile Shopper Strategy

It all starts with the shopper.  Touch understands that Mobile = Life Hub + Entertainment + Personal Media Vehicle…it’s a multi-purpose device.  Therefore, shopper behavior & buying patterns must be infused into the mobile engagement and personalized.  Examples of mobile shopper engagement:

Personal Media Vehicle

  • New POS…in the hands of shoppers
  • Ultimate vehicle that connects…owned, paid, shared & earned media
  • 360° Shopper trigger points (Path-to-Purchase Journey)
  • Personalized messaging through behavioral segmentation
  • Direct brand communication to form a personal relationship

Life Hub & Entertainment Device

  • Augmented reality…for entertainment & information
  • Mobile click to order or call…make it easy & enjoyable
  • Innovative 3D technology…multi-sensory unique experience
  • Gaming…the sport of shopping

Mobile Tools to Engage Shoppers

Shoppers are in ‘transaction mode’ when using their mobile devices…they seek instant gratification.   Transaction mode shoppers seek:  location or hours of operation, ‘click to call’ business, send email, go to company social networking page, download app, play a video clip, product information & reviews, product comparisons & BUY NOW!

Thumb-friendly mobile website = navigation friendly

  • No pinch & zoom – it’s annoying
  • Engaging & entertaining
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Shopper-friendly mobile site = simple shopping

  • Simple - Instant key information
  • Call-to-action (call, buy, share)
  • Social enabled – seek opinions & share products
  • m-commerce minimal steps to buy

Shoppertainment = Engaging & entertaining multi-sensory content delivery

  • Augmented reality – help visualize products & engagement
  • Videos – emotional & rational reasons to buy product
  • Photos – visually appealing photo
  • Gaming – shopper engagement
  • 3D Innovative Technology – entertaining brand messaging

CRM = Building a relationship & loyalty

  • SMS – time specific, instant messages
  • Email - one topic, relevant & call-to-action
  • Survey – see how brand is doing
  • Behavioral messaging – tailor message to specific actions

Consumer insights = Key to personalization

  • Survey – ask shoppers for advice
  • Behavioral tracking – see what shoppers are doing
  • Database – mobile number, email address
  • Segmentation – group shoppers for individualized messaging
  • Multicultural Strategy & Messaging

Brand = Same experience at all ‘touch’ points

  • Personal messaging & emotional connection
  • Voice & tone match the media vehicle
  • Innovative, differentiating programs
  • Connect in-store, online & offline activity
  • Integrate traditional + digital + social + mobile
  • Mobile as the 2nd screen