#MobilizingShoppers - Medicare is a complex marketing challenge given all the #CMS rules and regulations and has become even more complex with the growth of #mHealth, #telemedicine and the mobile/digital media landscape to reach "age-in" Medicare individuals #IoT


Medicare Advantage 5-Star Quality Ratings: Are consumers finally seeing the light?

#MobilizingShoppers - It will be interesting to see just how many viewers turn to digital/mobile media vehicles vs television during the Rio Games. Regardless of the numbers, media consumption is changing and cross-device marketing is important for advertisers to capture all viewers


The 2016 Rio Games Will Be A Breakthrough Event for Cross-Device Marketing

‪#‎MobilzingShoppers‬ - Mobile only internet users keep growing, therefore making it critical for brands/retailers to optimize content based upon user, context and device.. The majority of consumers move freely between devices and expect that experience to match the occasion and device (e.g. desktop/laptop, mobile, tablet, game console, streaming, etc).


Half of Connected Devices in US Homes Are Mobile