‪#‎MobilizingShoppers‬ - ‪Today, #‎SMS‬ is a simple and convenient way to manage a loyalty program. We experienced even more preference for SMS in the MercadoSavings photo receipt loyalty program - nearly 80% of shoppers selected text vs. email (consistent across all age groups). The best part of SMS, shoppers don't have to download an APP and almost everyone knows how to text. ‪#‎loyalty‬ ‪#‎photoreceipts‬ 


Consumers Prefer SMS for Loyalty Program Updates

#MobilizingShoppers - IRI's Liquid Data enables grocery retailers to get real time data at the store level and blend with outside sales variables (e.g. TV viewing by household, gas prices, loyalty card data, local weather, local flu outbreaks) enabling retailers and brands to make smarter decisions


Kroger Deal Highlights 3 Reasons Blended Data Is A Must In Retail

#‎MobilizingShoppers‬ - A cross-functional team (e.g sales, marketing, IT, customer service, operations, etc) must work together to create a positive omnichannel customer experience and continually refine based upon evolving customer journey mapping, new technology and traditional environmental conditions. ‪#‎IoT


More than digital plus traditional: A truly omnichannel customer experience